Jet's Books

Jet Celebrates the New Year, a Chinese-English Bilingual Book for Babies and Children. Follow along as Jet celebrates New Year’s Day! Teach your little one numbers, 1 to 10, in English and Chinese with a fun theme of Lunar New Year.

In Chinese, the unit of measure differs depending on the subject. The measure word for shoes is different from the word for flowers. Your little one will pick up some of the common measure words while following along Jet's day! Learn the significance and activities that go into Asia’s most important holiday, Lunar New Year’s Day. Eat dumplings, light lanterns, and pick flowers with colorful and elegantly designed illustrations to captivate your child’s imagination.

Virginia Yang wanted a cross-cultural bilingual book that she could read to her newborn. Growing up in San Francisco’s Chinatown, she learned at an early age the importance of hearing Chinese tones to aid in fluency, so she created Jet’s Books. Jet’s Books hopes to teach children multiple languages while keeping Asian traditions and cultures alive with the next generation of Asian-Americans.